...both BEFORE the day, and ON it...

  • I like to get the questionnaire back from you a good 2 months in advance of the wedding date, to check the running order of the day and realism of timings

  • Make sure that the area your bridal party are getting ready in has plenty of natural light, or at least a good window somewhere: I like to make my magic at the window, using the light and fall off to create some beautiful getting-ready portraits near it

  • Gather together the sentimental details before the day: an invite, floral details (bouquet, corsage, for lapels), jewellery, rings, cuff links, watches, items given by parents or partner with sentimental value, shoes, tie - I will create some beautiful flat-lays of these details first thing with a macro lens - I love to combine the rings with a floral detail in the right light, or combine the ring with an invite, perhaps using the light and shadow to create a heart shape!

  • In the frenzy of hair spray and blusher, try to keep tidy! Clutter spoils the getting ready shots, and in decades to come, nothing dates your timeless heirlooms faster than the branding on a supermarket carrier bag from decades ago!

  • Allow enough time! Aim to be ready 45mins to an hour before leaving for the ceremony, and make sure the bridal party are ready before the bride. I will capture the flattering final stages of make-up and respectfully remove myself for any revealing moments you're not comfortable with, before we stage the final getting-into-the-dress moments at some flattering window light, you centre stage, and bridal party at various levels around, adjusting the dress.

  • After the ceremony, don't try to include every member of the extended family in group shots - aim for a maximum of a dozen groups, with reasonable numbers in each. Please have your Maid of Honour, Best Man, Usher (the responsible one) on hand to gather the relevant parties (you've named and planned them all in advance on my planning questionnaire, and you've informed them). With both of these things in mind, we efficiently get to portraits of the two of you (or later) and only use 30 to 45mins of your drinks reception. We can do the real heirloom portraits in the evening, after the wedding breakfast.